Teacher Training Promotions

200hr & 300HR Advanced training both locally & abroad

Current promotions apply to teacher trainings abroad Center for Natural Living teaches and guides you to understand yoga - to practice, to share and teach. We meditate, explore and learn how the inner healing affects the outer. Through the discourse of the Philosophy, of the Yamas and the Niyamas, we learn how to find our own "center" even amidst the outer challenges. All trainings offer an early bird special. Click below to find out more.

“each person is an island of excellence”, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute.  

Shine Promotions

shine corporate pilot program

The program Stillness in Chaos is truly measured by the cost and most importantly the value of our time together.  The value to you both within your work environment or elsewhere is enormous.  Although the financial cost to the organization of time and money is not isignificant, we are confident that the benefit to spending guided time together far outweighs the cost of our time together.

Financially, we offer the option to choose our express offering or standard.  Essentially a commitment of 10.5 hrs which can be delivered for 30 minutes daily over 21 workdays or 30 minutes weekly over 21 weeks. 

 Our program fee is a cost of $4500.00 per group.  This includes:

  •  Content Delivery

  • Course Materials

  • Travel

  • Pre and Post Survey

  • Generation of Post Pilot Program