Who we Are

It all started when…

The Center for Natural Living was born and created by Irum Naqvi in 2011 to discover, foster and create todays’ yoga instructor that can deliver a yoga class focusing on strengthening, balancing and stretching. Most importantly, the ability to teach instructors how to deliver a class that is accessible and enjoyable to all. The Center for Natural Living (CNL) team continues to offer teacher trainings in Toronto and abroad. For current teacher training details see below.

Having a keen interest in addressing the needs of todays employer, Irum brings employees the opportunity to SHINE. In 2019, CNL drafted Scott Hislop to expand the CNL offering and extend into the corporate world with Shine Corporate Wellness.

Shine is the corporate division of the Center for Natural Living and brings you some Stillness in Chaos. Our introductory program is proudly titled after Irum’s book “Stillness in Chaos” and offers, health, wellness and coping mechanisms for a fast paced corporate environment. Stressed out? This is where we get you on track and the first step to a customized wellness program for you, your colleagues and employees and some relief from the stress and anxiety of the workplace.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

200hr & 300HR Advanced training both locally & abroad

Center for Natural Living teaches and guides you to understand yoga - to practice, to share and teach. We meditate, explore and learn how the inner healing affects the outer. Through the discourse of the Philosophy, of the Yamas and the Niyamas, we learn how to find our own "center" even amidst the outer challenges.

“each person is an island of excellence”, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute.  

In your training you will be guided on the above principle, to uncover the obstacles in the path of the above realization.

Our small groups give you the chance to get individualized feedback from our  instructors who embody yoga.  With a strong focus on the techniques of structural and energetic anatomy of asanas our training will leave you feeling empowered and ready to share your practice.

Center for Natural Living offers 200 & 300(advanced) hour training in Hatha and Raja Yoga as described by the Sutras of Patanjali.   Offering workshops and classes with in-depth instruction in Asana technique, teaching Methodology, Functional Anatomy, Philosophy, and Energetic Bodies and Systems. 

Choose to take your training, as an immersion in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, or extended weekend trainings at our affiliate locations in Canada and the US.

Shine Corporate Wellness

the evolution of corporate wellness

Shine Corporate Wellness is a division of the Center for Natural Living (CNL) focusing on the reality that today’s workforce is increasingly overwhelmed.  The North American workplace is simply “stressed out”.  Employers realize that stress and anxiety are certainly affecting today's business and productivity.  Employees see the impact that stress and anxiety have at home or work and with any work/life balance. At CNL, your wellness program to address fatigue, depression, inflammation, anxiety, stress and tension and to improve sleep quality, general well-being, productivity and vitality.

The backbone of Shine are the co-founders Irum Naqvi and Scott Hislop.  Both Torontonians that met in the jungle in Costa Rica.  What are the odds?  A chance encounter with Irum conducting a CNL teacher training and Scott teaching guests of Rancho Margot the joy and accessibility of yoga.

Our team of Irum, Jo Ann and Scott each bring over a decade of corporate success and a lifetime of passion for physical, mental and emotional wellness. Having spent 10+ years at IBM, Scott understands the stress of producing results and Irum with 10+ years as a senior executive at Fidelity.  Both with a strong attachment to yoga, meditation and the power of stillness and breath.  A friendship was born on the yoga mat in Costa Rica and so was Shine. 

 To present Shine means presenting a team of individuals that connect and believe that wellness in today’s increasingly demanding world means starting your journey of wellness and happiness by focusing on yourself to create a degree of mindfulness for those around you to enjoy.

The answer to an organizations corporate wellness is not one component of fitness, meditation, nutrition etc. It is truly a customized combination of many components which CNL provides. From Irum’s meditative and calming breath awareness techniques all the way through to Scott’s resistance training and Jo Ann’s expertise in body movement and anatomy. We have the answers and the people to deliver Stillness in Chaos.