Yoga Teacher Trainings

new 200hr & 300HR Advanced training both locally & abroad

Center for Natural Living teaches and guides you to understand yoga - to practice, to share and teach.  We meditate, explore and learn how the inner healing affects the outer.  Through the discourse of the Philosophy, of the Yamas and the Niyamas, we learn how to find our own "center" even amidst the outer challenges.

Our small groups give you the chance to get individualized feedback from our  instructors who embody yoga.  With a strong focus on the techniques of structural and energetic anatomy of asanas our training will leave you feeling empowered and ready to share your practice.

Center for Natural Living offers 200 & 300(advanced) hour training in Hatha and Raja Yoga as described by the Sutras of Patanjali.   Offering workshops and classes with in-depth instruction in Asana technique, Philosophy, and Energetic Bodies and Systems. 

Choose your training location as an immersion in Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Toronto.  Option for an extended weekend schedule in Toronto, or a combination of half the training in Toronto and half in Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

The lead teachers are rated ERYT500  instructors, each with a 500hr certification from the Himalayan Institute. 

The Center’s certification is sanctioned by both US & Canada Yoga Alliances.

Training Manual

Yoga Anatomy

CE credits are also possible for the Yoga Anatomy and/or Philosophy sections. 


Curriculum - 200 Hour Hatha & Raja Yoga Teacher Training

Asana technique - 30+ Asanas focus on transitions, adjustments and modification with reference from Center for Natural Living teaching manual, and The Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy (students are asked to bring stack of index cards for learning and teaching)

Pranayama - Ujjayi, Nadi Shodanam, and Diaphragmatic Breath

Meditation - Focus on breath and mantra

Self practice and practice teaching

Anatomy - Spine, Pelvis, & Deep Core; Shoulder and Hips

Philosophy - 8 Limbs of Yoga, Chakras (Energy Centers), Koshas (Energy Bodies), and Bandhas

Prana Vayus

Design of a class - sequencing, teaching techniques, refinement of asanas 

Practicum/assessment and graduation

More than just a certification.


At our beautiful locations across the world, you will find yourself surrounded by those looking to deepen their practice, and their connection with earth & each other. You leave with more than a certification. You will leave with an experience and a family.


Learn from experienced professionals.


The Center For Natural Living's instructors are committed to providing a uniquely designed and individually focused program that leaves you feeling confident in sharing your practice with others.

The 2 lead trainers are:

Irum Naqvi is the Director Center for Natural Living.  She has compiled the YTT Manual, the registered curriculum with Yoga Alliance, and Stillness in Chaos.  Testimonials

Attend a yoga session with Irum in Toronto - any Tuesday at 10 am & 6 pm (please RSVP your attendance to

Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, author of the Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy and the Vital Psoas Muscle through Lotus Publishing and North Atlantic Books.   Testimonials

For more information about each of our instructors, visit their personal websites.


Irum Naqvi - yoga will meet you where you are

Jo Ann Jones