CNL Go Deeper 300H Ytt program will provide you with an integrated and specialized insight into vinyasa technique, anatomy, teaching methodology, and intensive Patanjali philosophy, with the underlying focus on cultivating awareness and wellness. It will impart you with tools to teach skillfully and explore into a teaching path that resonates true to you. This program is intended for students of all lineage seeking greater depth, virtuosity, and mastery in their personal as well as teaching practice.

The training is offered to 200H certified teachers who are looking to enhance their teaching and working toward their 500H yoga teacher training certificate; and / or dedicated students (with 200H Ytt certification) seeking to deepen their personal practice.

Overview of Learning Objectives

The training will further build on your foundation of 200H training and teaching experience, focusing on yoga Patanjali Sutras and tying it into advanced sequence building; integrative use of mantras, sanskrit; subtle and gross body of anatomy; sensitivity to cultural appropriation and learning to create an all embracing teaching space. Go Deeper 300H philosophy is rooted into the essence of yoga traditions, learning to understand and respect each body for its uniqueness and application into the physical movement, and weaving it all into the seva (outreach) to the community.

Photo courtesy Travis Day

Photo courtesy Travis Day

Topics Covered

Go Deeper 300H has been developed to offer a consistent approach conducive to depth, and distinctively influenced by Hatha and Raja Yoga lineage, rather than a survey of different approaches. The curriculum is approved by Yoga Alliance and is delivered in 4 modules of 70 hours each (covered in 1 week) to be completed within 3 years. The program’s modular delivery enables flexibility for you to plan according to your schedule and build up to 500 hour yoga teacher training certification.

Module 1 - Cultivating Space (Focus on Hips & Legs)

  • Functional Anatomy / Subtle & Gross Anatomy of Asanas

  • Science & Philosophy of Asanas

  • Advanced Sequencing, Use of Language & Energetic Cueing

  • Observation & Adjustment

Module 2 - Cultivating Strength (Focus on Core & Spine)

  • Functional Anatomy / Subtle & Gross Anatomy of Asanas

  • Science & Philosophy of Asanas

  • Advanced Sequencing, Use of Language & Energetic Cueing

  • Observation & Adjustment


Module 3 - Cultivating Wellness

  • Yin Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Ayurveda Philosophy & Understanding Doshas

Module 4 - Cultivating Mindfulness & Awareness

  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing of Energies

  • Meditation & Advanced Pranayama Techniques

  • Practice of Kriyas with Bandhas

  • Satsang with Mudras & Chanting

  • Service & Outreach

Dates & Location

2019 Dates & Location:

April 7-13, Toronto, Canada

September 1-7, New Jersey

December 6-12 & 13-20 Central America (Costa Rica or Nicaragua)

Arrival and departure are expected the night before starting dates and morning after end date.

These segments will be repeated again from 2020-2022, with possible change to location and specific dates.  We are committed to offering/repeating each segment twice within a 3-year span so that one can plan accordingly.

To receive 300H Go Deeper training information, please email Irum Naqvi:  


Yoga Alliance Standards and Certification

CNL is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, with registered yoga teachers delivering the 300H program.

the Deeper i Go the Lighter i Become
— Irum