Photo taken at La Fortuna Waterfall


Trainer Irum Naqvi

Program Information:

In this training you will engage in intense physical practice and thought provoking discussions that guide you to explore your inner being; discovering your true self as you bring your awareness to your layers of conditionings and deep seated impressions/Samskaras. The transformation will leave you energized, confident and ready to follow your inner calling. You will learn how to teach, and guide a yoga session which is built on the foundation of your own practice.

The training is Raja and Hatha Yoga.  You will learn the yoga philosophy of Sri Patanjali, the eight limbs of yoga - the Yamas and Niyamas, Asanas,  Pranayama, Bandhas, Energy Bodies and Energy Systems (chakras) and the stages and techniques of Meditation.

Techniques and Methodology: Learn the techniques of asanas, how to design and deliver a yoga session.  Practice daily meditation and learn how to guide a meditation session.

Excursions: To the waterfall in La Fortuna, or the hot springs can be arranged.  Zip lining, or Kayaking in lake Arenal or Horse back riding, arranged by the Ranch.

Price and Lodging: All prices are in USD  

Training cost -  $20000 to be paid directly to the instructor

Plus the accommodation and three meals for 21 nights we have the following price options:   

Shared Bunkhouse $1325 per person

Single Bunkhouse  $1950 per person 

Shared Bungalow $1975 per person

Single Bungalow  $2250  per person

Travel Info: Fly to the two main airports in Costa Rica: Juan Santamaria in San Jose or Liberia airport.  The ranch is about three hours drive from the airport.  A private or a group transportation can be arranged for additional cost to and from the airport.